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How Working Moms Are Selling Themselves Short (and How to Stop)

Do you feel like finding success in one area of your life comes at the expense of another? That doesn't have to be your reality.

There's a lot of talk about what's “possible” for working moms in modern society. For some reason I've been hearing a number of comments recently about a commencement speech that Shonda Rhimes gave in 2014 at Dartmouth University.  She has...
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The Hardest Thing About Being a Parent

My biggest challenge as a working parent (that I never really never expected).

There's a whole lot about parenting that's hard. Being a parent is challenging in general.  You have sleepless nights and tantrums and your heart is ripped in two when your child is sick or hurting. Parenting is NOT for sissies....
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3 Realizations About Parenting that Instantly Improved My Life

I've learned a lot about parenting over the years.... but these three realizations were the most important.

There's no shortage of parenting advice out there these days.  I'm an education junkie (not to mention a recovering perfectionist), so as a new mom I figured I could find everything I needed to know somewhere out there.  I went...
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11 Tips to Improve Communication with Your Toddler

Sometimes we need a "translator" with our toddler... here are a few tips.

How many of you struggle with communicating with your toddler?  Are you tired of all of the tantrums and outbursts?  Does your child “communicate” by hitting, biting, and other aggressive actions? I wanted to create a list of tips...
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Avoid These Risks of Being a Perfect Parent

Is your perfectionism infiltrating your parenting? It's time to let it go. Here's why.

I'm not sure if you've heard of the parenting trend called Positive Parenting that's become very popular over the last decade or two.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the Positive Parenting approach, its roots are based in...
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10 Quick Ways to Reconnect with Your Significant Other

Your relationship is important... don't let being a working parent derail your family.

We all know how easy it is to put our marriage on the back-burner when work, kids, and the daily demands of everyday life compete for our attention.  Here are a few tips to quickly reconnect with your spouse...
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What Is Your Purpose as a Parent (and Why Does it Matter)?

Discover how defining your purpose as a parent can solve a lot of issues.

Everyone's purpose for parenting is personal.  Your reasons for raising your child may be different than mine, and that's exactly how it should be.  We're all motivated by different things, and your goals for starting your family are unique....
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