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The Working Parent Resource Blog specializes in the delivery of reliable and educational content that explores how ambitious moms and dads can overcome burnout and create more balance without sacrificing one area of their lives over another.

We are specifically looking for both inspirational and thought-provoking material as well as practical guidance for our readers.  Personal stories are welcome as long as there’s a life lesson included that will provide value to the reader. Shallow, snarky or purely entertaining content isn’t a good fit.

We are also committed to providing value to both working mothers AND fathers as well as corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.  Articles from those perspectives are all welcome!


Here are a few things we’d like you to do when you submit your article to make it easier for us to organize and get it on our editorial calendar:

1 | Make the subject of your email the title of your submission (i.e., BLOG SUBMISSION: 3 Ways to Manage Stress More Effectively). If you don’t have a submission, but have questions or want feedback on ideas, title the subject “SUBMISSION QUESTION” or “SUBMISSION FEEDBACK.”

2 | Please include the text of your article directly in the body of the email. Do not submit as an attachment.

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5 | Article can include no links to the writer’s website (link in bio is fine, see #4). We are focused on providing great content to our audience. Reference links to other sites are fine.

6 | We prefer new/original content, but will accept previously published content. If you’re submitting a piece that has been previously published, please include a tag at the end of your article indicating where the piece was originally published.

The Working Parent Resource reserves the right to make minor edits. If it doesn’t fit our requirements, we will let you know. Please use spell-check and check your grammar. The length should be as long as it needs to be to make your point, and no longer.  We encourage thoughtful articles, and we understand that the length may vary.

Since your guest article is not sponsored content, the Working Parent Resource has the right to take out links that appear to be sponsored/advertising.  If your entire article appears to be a cover for advertising your business, it will not be accepted.

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1 | Email your article to Again, please include the text of your article in the body of the email, and include the title of the article in the subject line.

2 | Include a headshot and your bio (2-3 sentences and don’t forget a link to your site or profile).

3 | Attach any images or photos to be included. Again, please double-check that publication rights are unlimited.

4 | If your article has been selected to be published, we’ll let you know within 7 days. Due to the volume of submissions, we won’t be able to notify you if your article has NOT been selected.


Right now, we are on the hunt for articles covering topics in these general areas:

Life Balance and Work/Life Integration
Mindfulness and Being Intentional
Time Management
Routines & Systems
Marriage & Romance
Child Development
Behavior Modification
Stress Management
Adrenal Fatigue
Self Care
Self Development
Postpartum Issues
Overall Health and Wellness
Career Optimization
Life Planning & Purpose

Other ideas always welcome!



Thank you for your interest in appearing on the Working Parent Resource blog. We look forward to hearing from you!





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