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I created the Working Parent Resource because I’m passionate about helping overwhelmed working parents find a way through the exhaustion and chaos to create a life that is calm, fulfilling, and where there is plenty of time for what matters most to them.

I know what it’s like to feel resentful because I’m required to work crazy hours, struggle with guilt because I barely have any time with my son after a long day at the office, and to bicker with my husband because we’re both too exhausted to care. It’s no fun, and there were times early in my parenting journey when I had no idea how I was going to get through it.

I realized early on that I didn’t want my parenting experience to be defined by stress, frustration, and guilt. Leaving my career wasn’t an option, so I needed to find a solution…. and fast.

I realized early on that I didn’t want my parenting experience to be defined by stress, frustration and guilt.


I began to devour as much as I could about raising a family while balancing a rewarding but demanding career.

I did ultimately find helpful information buried deep in those books, podcasts, websites, and articles I came across. But man, it took a lot of effort to figure out what was good advice and what was just a bunch of fluff (or worse, sent me down the wrong path altogether).

I spent hundreds of hours researching, browsing, listening, testing, experimenting, failing… and then starting all over with something new.  And most of the information I found was just that:  information.

Very few resources actually told me how to make lasting changes in my own life.

The more I learned, the more I realized…

The best information I found empowered me as a parent. The best resources were the ones that encouraged me to trust my own instincts. The best tools were the ones that provided me with a system for making real changes.

These are the guiding principles of the Working Parent Resource today.

These are the guiding principles of the Working Parent Resource today.


I am committed to helping other professionals who are raising a young family filter through the junk and apply what they learn to their own lives so they don’t have to suffer quite as much as I did.


I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in the mountains in northern California, so I have a pretty even mix of mid-western values and west coast temperament. I’m a proud wife to my husband, Joey, and mom to our lively and independent three year-old son, Beckett.

Of all of the jobs I’ve had, being a mom is my favorite!!

Joey and I started our life together in the San Francisco bay area, where I spent most of my adult life and where Joey was raised. We started dating in 2010, we were engaged at the end of 2011, and we were married at a beautiful northern California vineyard in 2012. Beckett joined our family in 2013… It has been an amazing few years!

Joey and I moved our little family out of the hustle and bustle of the big city to the beaches of San Diego last year so we could spend more time with our son and less time on crowded trains. These days we spend most of our free time at the Zoo, Legoland, and the beach.  Beckett is in LOVE with the ocean… he’s already a little surfer dude!

I’m a big fan of road trips with fun people to hidden towns along the California coast. I love blasting good music while making dinner and dancing with my little guy in our kitchen. My ideal day includes letting loose on my snowboard on a sunny day in the mountains, wakeboarding with friends at the lake, or checking out new restaurants or wineries with my hubby.

Life is good, I’m so excited to see what happens next!


I started the Working Parent Resource as a result of an un-met need among all of the working moms and dads I knew.  But I’ve actually been working toward this role in my life for the last 20 years.

After college, I began graduate school at the University of San Francisco at night while I worked at a law firm in downtown San Francisco during the day. It was a busy couple of years, but by the end of 2003, I had my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Adult Development.

Within another two years, I became a Certified Professional Coach through Coach Training Alliance, one of the most reputable and established coaching programs in the industry.  After I graduated in 2005, I started a personal development coaching practice where I specialized in coaching both individuals and couples in building healthy relationships, creating a healthy life balance, and navigating major life transitions.

During that time, I also added my Mediation Certification to the mix, to better help people identify their deepest needs and resolve conflict more effectively.  At the same time, I taught college level Psychology, Communications, and Strategies for Success classes as an Adjust Instructor, and wrote a monthly column on dating and relationships.  I also developed “life successtraining programs and coached at-risk teenagers who were transitioning from a therapeutic boarding school to college.

I have experience leading intense therapy sessions for both individuals and couples, lively coaching groups full of engaged participants, training programs regarding a wide range of topics, and college classes of over 100 students.


Program development, teaching, and coaching have been my passions throughout my life.


Through my background in the legal field and corporate America as well as my training in therapy, coaching, curriculum development and project management, I have a unique blend of experience in:

  • Research Analysis: Conducting research on a variety of topics that ambitious working parents care about the most.  Interviewing people of all walks of life to gain different perspectives.  Looking at all angles of an issue and analyzing all of the pieces to find relationships between them.  Synthesizing information to identify new patterns and insights.
  • Therapy: Understanding and explaining in relatable terms the building blocks of human psychology, child development, behavior modification, communication techniques, conflict resolution, family systems, reasoning, and subconscious motivations to isolate the reasons why we do what we do.  Understanding what holds us back from self improvement and how we can use that insight about ourselves to overcome unique challenges and find fulfillment.
  • Personal Development Coaching: Using my natural curiosity about people to ask compelling questions so they can drill deeper into clarifying what they truly want and what’s preventing them from getting there. Co-creating a strategic plan of action to move closer to their ultimate goals while implementing new tools and skills throughout the process. Holding clients accountable and providing a safe and supportive environment for moving beyond their comfort zone to make lasting life changes in their habits and routines.
  • Complex Project Management:  Zooming in and out on a project to achieve proposed results. Analyzing the needs of the individual, couple, team or company and constructing a strategy that will help them accomplish their overall goals. Maximizing resources such as relationships, technology and procedures to streamline efforts.
  • Program Development & Teaching: Understanding the transformation that people are striving for, and developing a learning plan to support that transformation. Breaking complex ideas and competencies down into manageable steps to build on each other and maximize progress.  Applying learning theory to help clients gain knowledge and practice new behaviors in a way that’s most natural and effective for them. Managing obstacles to success and providing guidance while allowing for experimentation.
  • Energy Management & Focus:  Utilizing skills such as meditation and mindfulness to help individuals focus and be more engaged within a complex and fast-paced modern world. Helping them develop a practice of discipline to increase confidence and serenity while building a foundation of internal strength that is stronger than outside influences. Managing mindset and emotions in an authentic but effective way.
  • Parenting:  Someone who’s been there and understands the nuances of raising children in today’s world. Helping ambitious professionals blend their natural “Type A” tendencies with their parenting instincts in each moment. Giving parents the information and guidance they need to connect to their children in a way that allows them to evolve into the human beings they’re supposed to be.  Addressing the shifting identity that comes with becoming a parent. Balancing the needs of their child with their own, those at work, and in other areas of life.

I deeply understand how difficult life can be for professional moms and dads in today’s society. I’m dedicated to utilizing all of my training and experience to help families just like yours create a more balanced and fulfilling life.



Joey and I met in San Francisco back in 2010 (we’re a success story!).  We went running on our first date and he showed me around my new little suburb.  Joey proposed a year and a half later on New Year’s Eve… after a run.

We got married at Murietta’s Well, a beautiful vineyard in northern California in 2012.  Such a beautiful and fun night!

Beckett arrived about a year later….

Here’s my little man when he was about 8 weeks old… He’s always loved being outside!

And here he is at about 8 months old, celebrating my first Mother’s Day.  They grow up too fast, don’t they??

His sweet smile has always been my favorite…

I don’t know what I would do without these two guys… they’re the light of my life.  I love our little family.

Now I get to enjoy them so much more, after our move to San Diego last year.  We love it here!

And on Joey’s birthday in 2016, we found out we were going to be welcoming another little one to our family!

Weston James Argenal was born in June 2017.  We are all so in love!

Beckett loves being a Big Brother!!

That’s it for now!  I’ll keep you updated as our little family grows… 


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