WPR012: Family Finances: Top 5 Tips to Get Organized and Meet Your Goals with Nicole Cooley

Is money causing stress or conflict in your family? Learn how to manage your finances in a practical and realistic way (without sacrificing what matters most to you).

Episode Summary:  In this episode we chat with Nicole Cooley, who is a corporate drop-out and momprenuer currently obsessed with sleep schedules, produce delivery and binge watching “The Good Wife.”  Her company Money With Moxie teaches women to be powerful...
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WPR011: My Personal Productivity System: My Secrets to Getting Things Done

How I juggle my full-time job, my family, my business, and everything else in my life.

Episode Summary:  Today I am going to be chatting with you a bit about my favorite productivity strategies and how I personally juggle all of the different things I’m doing these days.    My goal with this episode is to...
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WPR010: Utilizing Conflict to Strengthen Your Marriage with Chuck Starnes

Conflict doesn't have to mean trouble in your relationship. In fact, learning how to navigate conflict can be the single most important skill in maintaining a healthy long-term relationship.

Episode Summary: In this episode we chat with Chuck Starnes who is a marriage coach in San Jose, California.  Chuck and I really dive deep on one of the topics that I know so many of you really struggle...
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WPR009: Embracing Your Ambition Without the Guilt with Monica Froese

Working parents are so hard on themselves... let's start embracing our ambition and let the guilt go.

Episode Summary: I could just talk to our guest today, Monica Froese, forever.  She is honestly a reservoir of helpful information and a pioneer who’s doing what she can to help working families create more balanced and less stressful...
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WPR008: The Moment I Realized What Being a Parent Means to Me

I thought I knew what being a parent meant.... until I became a parent.

Episode Summary: This episode is one of my “Moments of Truth” episodes, where I describe one of those pivotal moments in my life where my perspective permanently changed.  As we all know, hindsight can be 20/20, and when I...
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WPR007: Building Strength & Identity Through the Tough Moments with Becky Burgess

Convert those difficult times in opportunities for personal growth as a working parent.

Episode Summary: In this episode we talk about finding strength and identity in those tough moments of parenthood, and goodness knows we have plenty of those as working parents right?  I loved this conversation with our guest Becky Burgess....
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WPR006: Are You REALLY Screwing Up Your Kid? How to Know for Sure with Kelly Watanabe & Maren Dalgaard

There's a lot of pressure on us working parents... let's drill down to what we should REALLY feel guilty about (so we can let go of the rest!).

Episode Summary: This episode is actually a panel, where two guests and I do a roundtable discussion of our topic, “Are you really screwing up your kids (and how to know for sure).”  Before I even started this podcast,...
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WPR004: The “I Don’t Have Enough Time” Struggle

Reclaim control of your time (and your life)!

Episode Summary: Today I’m going to be talking about this phrase and this concept that I really can’t escape these days:  The “I Don’t Have Enough Time” Struggle. I know if you’re a working parent, you’ve probably uttered these...
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WPR003: How to Cut Back at Work Without Ruining Your Career with Suzanne Brown

Creating a more flexible or part-time schedule doesn't have to equal sacrifice. There are options!

Episode Summary: Today we’re chatting with Suzanne Brown.  Suzanne is a full-time mom to 2 young boys, wife, part-time business and marketing strategy consultant, writer, and avid international traveler. She helps businesses understand how marketing can help their bottom...
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