WPR015: How to Tame Your Inner-Overachiever and Find Some Peace in Your Life

Is your driven nature exhausting you? Learn how to utilize your internal drive in a healthier way.

Episode Summary: Today I’m talking to all of you over-achievers out there.  You know who you are.  You’re not just ambitious, you take ambition to a whole new level.  You’re the one who can handle everything.  You’re the person...
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WPR011: My Personal Productivity System: My Secrets to Getting Things Done

How I juggle my full-time job, my family, my business, and everything else in my life.

Episode Summary:  Today I am going to be chatting with you a bit about my favorite productivity strategies and how I personally juggle all of the different things I’m doing these days.    My goal with this episode is to...
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WPR009: Embracing Your Ambition Without the Guilt with Monica Froese

Working parents are so hard on themselves... let's start embracing our ambition and let the guilt go.

Episode Summary: I could just talk to our guest today, Monica Froese, forever.  She is honestly a reservoir of helpful information and a pioneer who’s doing what she can to help working families create more balanced and less stressful...
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WPR004: The “I Don’t Have Enough Time” Struggle

Reclaim control of your time (and your life)!

Episode Summary: Today I’m going to be talking about this phrase and this concept that I really can’t escape these days:  The “I Don’t Have Enough Time” Struggle. I know if you’re a working parent, you’ve probably uttered these...
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WPR003: How to Cut Back at Work Without Ruining Your Career with Suzanne Brown

Creating a more flexible or part-time schedule doesn't have to equal sacrifice. There are options!

Episode Summary: Today we’re chatting with Suzanne Brown.  Suzanne is a full-time mom to 2 young boys, wife, part-time business and marketing strategy consultant, writer, and avid international traveler. She helps businesses understand how marketing can help their bottom...
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WPR002: My “I Can’t Do This Anymore” Working Mom Moment

My story about the moment I hit "rock bottom" as a working mom.

Episode Summary: Today I’m going to do one of my “Moments of Truth” episodes, where I tell you a personal story from a moment in my past when I learned an important life lesson.  In all of these Moments...
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