10 Important Ways to Maximize Your Time

Are you REALLY making the most of your time? Or are you wasting it?

by Sarah Argenal in Life Balance, Time Management

As I mentioned in my last post, the number one complaint I get from working parents is that they “don’t have enough time.”  The problem with that statement is that we all have the same amount of time everyday.  We all have the same amount of time that we’ve always had.  We all have 24 hours to spend however we choose every day.

The time isn’t the issue.

The issue is that you aren’t utilizing your time in a fulfilling way.  You aren’t making the MOST of those 24 hours each day.

As a working parent, you have an insane amount to do in a very limited amount of time.  You have responsibilities, obligations, duties and requests that demand more of you than ever before.

Until you learn how to control what gets your attention throughout your day though, the most demanding request of the moment is what you’ll focus on.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?  And let’s be honest.  Children can be very squeaky.  Bosses and clients and customers can be VERY squeaky.  A messy house and your kids’ after-school activities and an empty refrigerator can be extremely squeaky.  You’re just reacting to the loudest squeaky wheel from moment to moment.  By default, you always feel behind and out of control.

The next series of blog posts are dedicated to helping you make the most of your time.  Because your time is precious.  And until you know how to focus on what you really need (and want) to do, you will always feel like you “don’t have enough time.”

I want you to stop telling yourself “I don’t have enough time.”

Instead, I want you to learn the tools that allow you to think to yourself:

“I love the way I spend my time.”

Here are 10 important ways I maximize my time as a working parent:

Maximize Your Time (Part 1) | Commit to Your Priorities

Maximize Your Time (Part 2) | Have a Vision for Your Future

Maximize Your Time (Part 3) | Say Yes Strategically

Maximize Your Time (Part 4) | Set Boundaries

Maximize Your Time (Part 5) | Eliminate, Automate, Delegate

Maximize Your Time (Part 6) | Efficiency Essentials

Maximize Your Time (Part 7) | Establish A Morning Time

Maximize Your Time (Part 8) | Let Go of Busy as a Badge of Honor

Maximize Your Time (Part 9) | Remove Energy Vampires From Your Life

Maximize Your Time (Part 10) | Be Authentic

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