Come take a little peek inside my life….




I’m a working mom too, so I know exactly what it’s like to feel resentful because I’m required to work crazy hours in a demanding career, struggle with guilt because I barely have any time with my kids after a long day at the office, and to bicker with my husband because we’re both too exhausted to prioritize our relationship.

It’s no fun, and there were times early in my parenting journey when I had no idea how I was going to get through it.

I realized early on that I didn’t want my parenting experience to be defined by stress, frustration, and guilt.

Leaving my career wasn’t an option, so I needed to find a solution…. and fast. I began to devour as much as I could about raising a family while balancing a rewarding but demanding career.

I found plenty of information out there, but none of it was an exact fit for my unique life. It was either geared toward stay-at-home moms, or ambitious professionals who weren’t juggling little kids at home.

Over the next two years, I created and implemented a system to overcome the overwhelm I felt as a working mom. These days, I feel energetic, excited and productive in my life. I have plenty of time with my family and for myself. My home is organized and tranquil (well, as much as it can be living with three boys!), and my actions are in alignment with my core personal values.

Today I am committed to helping other burned out professionals who are raising a young family filter out the noise and distractions so they can start re-connecting to the people they love, reclaim control of their time and energy, and living more deliberately in all areas of their lives as well.



I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in the mountains in northern California, so I have a pretty even mix of mid-western values and west coast temperament.

My husband of five years, Joey, and I have two little boys. These three boys are my whole world.

Joey and I started our life together in the San Francisco bay area, where I spent most of my adult life and where Joey was raised.

Then we moved our little family out of the hustle and bustle of the big city to the beaches of San Diego in 2015 so we could spend more time with each other and less time on crowded trains. And in late 2018, we moved to Austin, TX to be closer to family.

I’m a big fan of road trips with fun people to hidden towns. I love blasting good music while making dinner and dancing with my little guys in our kitchen. My ideal day includes letting loose on my snowboard on a sunny day in the mountains, wakeboarding with friends at the lake, or checking out new restaurants or wineries with my hubby.

Life is good, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!



PSYCHOTHERAPY | As a trained psychotherapist, I understand and explain in relatable terms the building blocks of human psychology, child development, behavior modification, communication techniques, conflict resolution, family systems, reasoning, and subconscious motivations to isolate the reasons why we do what we do.  Understanding what holds us back from self improvement and how we can use that insight about ourselves to overcome unique challenges and find fulfillment is an important part of long-term change.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING | Using my natural curiosity about people, I ask compelling questions so you can drill deeper into clarifying what you truly want and what’s preventing you from getting there. Together we co-create a strategic plan of action to move closer to your ultimate goals while implementing new tools and skills throughout the process. I hold you accountable and provide a safe and supportive environment for moving beyond your comfort zone to make lasting life changes in your habits and routines.

COMPLEX PROJECT MANAGEMENT |  I spent nearly 20 years in the fast-paced and high-stress environment of litigation, so I’m skilled in zooming in and out on a project to achieve projected results. I can quickly analyze your needs as an individual, couple, team or company to help you construct a strategy that will help you accomplish your overall goals. I help you maximize whatever resources you have available, such as relationships, technology and systems, to streamline efforts.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & TEACHING | Understanding the transformation that people are striving for, and developing a learning plan to support that transformation, is one of my specialties. Breaking complex ideas and competencies down into manageable steps to build on each other and maximize progress is one of the things I do best.  I apply learning theory to help you gain knowledge and practice new behaviors in a way that’s most natural and effective for you. I help you manage obstacles to success and provide guidance while allowing for experimentation.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT & FOCUS | I integrate skills such as meditation and mindfulness to help you focus and be more engaged within a complex and “too busy” modern world. I help you develop a practice of discipline to increase confidence and serenity while building a foundation of internal strength that is stronger than outside influences. There’s a focus on managing mindset and emotions in an authentic and effective way.

RESEARCH ANALYSIS | I conduct research on a variety of topics that ambitious working parents care about the most.  Interviewing people of all walks of life to gain different perspectives allows me to see all angles of an issue and analyze the pieces to find relationships between them.  I synthesize information quickly to identify new patterns and insights.

PARENTING | I’m someone who’s been there and understands the nuances of raising children in today’s world. Helping ambitious professionals blend their natural “Type A” tendencies with their parenting instincts in each moment is my jam. Giving parents the information and guidance they need to connect to their children in a way that allows them to evolve into the human beings they’re supposed to be is incredibly important to me.  Together we can address your shifting identity that comes with becoming a parent while balancing the needs of your child with your own, your partner’s, those at work, and in other areas of your life.