WPR009: Embracing Your Ambition Without the Guilt with Monica Froese

Working parents are so hard on themselves... let's start embracing our ambition and let the guilt go.

by Sarah Argenal
How to deal with the judgment you face when you choose to return to work after having a baby, and standing up to the expectations of others.

Episode Summary:

I could just talk to our guest today, Monica Froese, forever.  She is honestly a reservoir of helpful information and a pioneer who’s doing what she can to help working families create more balanced and less stressful lives.  She’s a working mom herself who’s felt the exhaustion and the frustration, and decided to take matters into her own hands to start a productive conversation to begin changing things for the better (a girl after my own heart!).  I truly enjoyed this conversation, and love the message she’s spreading.

Monica Froese is a mom, wife, author and business strategist for mom entrepreneurs.  She has an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing and blogs at www.RedefiningMom.com, a site for empowering working moms.  In 2015, she traveled to the White House to discuss family-friendly workplace policies with President Obama’s senior advisors and has been featured on several media outlets including Fox News, Scary Mommy, Healthline, and Mom Talk Radio.  Her passion is to help other moms find their version of balance through time management tips, flexible work options, and helping women build online businesses to escape the 9-5. Her new eBook, “Busy Moms Building: 12 Steps to Running Your Own Online Business for Busy Moms,” helps moms start their own online businesses in just 45 days.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to process those overwhelming emotions that come up when you return to work after having your baby.
  • How to deal with the judgment we face when we become a working parent, and standing up to the expectations of others that we stay home with our kids.
  • Learn about the conversations they’re having in Washington around the struggles facing working families, including maternity leave laws, managing your packed (and often inflexible work) schedule, childcare expenses, etc.


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