WPR014: Taking Control of Your Health with Christin Morgan

A more holistic way to approach your health

by Sarah Argenal

Episode Summary: 

Christin Morgan is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from University of Memphis. Having lost 80 pounds through healthy diet changes and taking control of emotional eating, she strives to help other women do the same.

It takes a lot to stay healthy, and trying to fit in healthy meals, fitness, sleep, and all of those other things that keep our bodies moving seems to take up precious time, right?  We all know it’s important, and even more than that, we all know our health is critical to keeping up the pace in our busy lives.  But for some reason, these seem to be the areas where it’s easiest to cut corners.  We tell ourselves we’ll exercise tomorrow, or we’re exhausted from a long day at work and grab take-out on our way home.  Well today we’re going to be going over some of the things you can do to integrate healthier habits into your busy workweek.  These insights and tips are specifically designed for the busy working parent, keeping in mind all of the other demands on your time, so hopefully you’ll get some value out of today’s interview.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:  

  • What makes staying healthy as a working parent so challenging, and how to overcome those challenges so you can prioritize your health.
  • How to approach your health in a holistic way to increase consistency and motivation.
  • How your unconscious and underlying feelings about yourself factor into your habits around your health.


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