WPR025: How to Kick Guilt to the Curb with Valerie Friedlander

The guilt working parents feel is getting out of control. Let's make it stop.

by Sarah Argenal
WPR025: How to Kick Guilt to the Curb with Valerie Friedlander

Episode Summary: 

Valerie is a Certified Professional Coach and Empowerment Mentor, Loving Mom and Wife, and Founder of TheUnlimitedMom.com. Not long ago Valerie was one of the many Moms struggling with feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, and guilty for wanting more. Through making a decision to do something different, the support of her own coach, and learning the skills of coaching and energy leadership, she tapped into her purpose, increased her energy, and is actively creating a life she loves. Valerie is dedicated to helping other Moms achieve the serenity, joy, and fulfillment they seek. She enjoys working with passionate women who are ready to ditch the limits of “this is as good as it gets” and step into creating their own unique, authentic, and amazing Mom-life. Valerie believes you deserve to live a vibrant life and that by doing so, you are setting the foundation for the happy and healthy life that you want for your child. Her mission is to help you do just that. 

Guilt is a topic that tends to come up all the time among high-achieving moms and dads, especially these days when work is more demanding than ever and the standards of “good parenting” are as high as they’ve ever been.  I’ve heard so many people say that there’s no way to avoid guilt as a working parent, or even as a parent in general.  I don’t necessarily disagree with that – we all have our moments where we make mistakes or do something that we’re not particularly proud of.  But I think the guilt has gotten out of control, and I hope today’s episode has helped you release at least a little of that unnecessary guilt.  You work hard.  You’re a great parent.  I can guarantee you’re doing the best you can on any given day, so I hope something you hear here today resonates so you can start to treat yourself with a little more kindness.

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