WPR042: Learning to Ask for Help with Kate Turza

Do you ever wonder if you're doing the "right" things as a parent?

by Sarah Argenal
WPR042: Learning to Ask for Help with Kate Turza

Episode Summary:

I had such a great conversation with our guest, Kate Turza today.  Kate and I just had a very real, very honest discussion about why it’s SO damn hard to ask for help these days, even when we feel like we’re drowning.  As working parents we have a ton on our plate, and it can feel like we’re expected to do everything ourselves and do it all well.  But that’s not how we’re meant to operate.  We’re SUPPOSED to have a tribe.  We’re supposed to rely on a village to get through it all.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret… if you try to do it all alone, you’re GOING to burnout.  We need help from time to time and the better you get at asking for that support, the more manageable (and enjoyable!) your life will be. 

But these days we’re not as connected to our support systems the way we were in generations past. So we chat about how she as a postpartum doula helps new moms and dads manage those early days of parenthood in a healthy way that integrates who they are with who they are becoming.  We talk a lot about those early days of parenthood but the principles we discuss will apply to parents at all stages of parenting.

Kate Turza is a mom of 3 beautiful, energetic, and loving kiddos and CAPPA certified postpartum doula. After experiencing a trying postpartum period after her third child was born, she began her training to become a postpartum doula. She’s passionate about normalizing the postpartum and early motherhood period. In addition to doing in-home services in her area, she provides support online. She believes that no matter your path to parenthood, you should have a place to find support. 

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