A curated library of my favorite books, articles, websites, podcasts, and blogs specifically for working moms and dads.


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Life Balance & Time Management Slooooow down....

Life moves pretty fast these days.  If you’re a working parent, it probably feels even faster than normal.  Here are my favorite resources to help you sloooow down and reclaim some of that time you’ve been craving.

Yes, I need some balance!
Marriage & Relationships Mi amore

We all know our marriage and other relationships are what we’ll cherish most at the end of this beautiful life.  So why are they usually the first to get the cold shoulder when life gets busy?  Here are some tools to help you spice things up, reconnect, or strengthen the most important relationships in your life.

Yes, Please!!
Self Care & Self Development Putting yourself FIRST

We’ve all heard the instruction: you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help anyone else.  So why do we, as working parents, insist on taking care of everything else first?  Life is so much better when you give from a place of abundance.  Take a look to fill up your cup.

I need some "me time"!
Mindfulness & Presence Ommmm....

Are you rushing through your life?  Do you find it hard to stay focused at work and engaged at home?  Are you distracted and tired of feeling out of control?  Get some helpful mindfulness resources here.

Yes, I need more focus!
Parenting & Child Development Those Little Munchkins

Our kids are the light of our life.  But no one hands us a manual when they’re born.  Learning how to parent effectively and contribute to their healthy development can be overwhelming.  Here are my favorite parenting guides and tools for understanding my child.

Flexible Work Options Yes, please!

There are so many options out there for accomplished professionals who are looking for a more flexible or remote work arrangement.  Here is a list of everything I’ve found to be helpful on my journey as a working mom who wants more freedom and flexibility.

I'm ready for a change!