Life moves pretty fast these days.  If you’re a working parent, it probably feels even faster than normal.  Here are my favorite resources to help you sloooow down and reclaim some of that time you’ve been craving.

Yes, I need some balance!






  • Evernote  An organization tool that archives your notes, important links, photos, etc.
  • 1Password  A secure app that maintains all of your login credentials.
  • Amazon  Online shopping galore!  Sign up for Amazon Prime to receive everything via free 2-day shipping.
  • Trello  Project Management tool that allows you to structure your to-do list into organized projects.
  • Asana  Another project management tool to help you organize your tasks strategically.
  • Workflowy  A to do list app designed to help you organize your list by priority to keep you focused.
  • Wunderlist  A more organized way to keep track of your tasks, grocery items, and other important notes.