Are you tired of living in survival mode?

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The Frazzled to Balanced™ Mastermind group coaching program was designed for high-level professionals who are ready to finally take control of their lives.  You’ve tried all of the various band-aid approaches out there to find more time and energy, but it’s just not working and you know something’s gotta give.  You’re ready for real and lasting changes in your life and just need someone to walk you through what really works.  And you get to do it all within an intimate group of other ambitious parents who have been there too and understand the unique challenges you face as a career-oriented mom or dad.


Are you struggling with any of these issues right now?

  • You feel like you’re always “failing” at one thing or another because your attention is split between too many things.
  • You used to get a lot of confidence and satisfaction from your work, but lately you’re more stressed out about the trajectory of your career because you’re just not sure how you can keep up the pace over the long-run.
  • You feel guilty that you’re missing out on key memories in your kids’ childhood because you’re so distracted with an overwhelming number of obligations and responsibilities.
  • You love your partner, but you feel like there is too much conflict and distance in your relationship now that you’re parents, and you have no idea how to re-connect.
  • Your physical, mental, and emotional health is suffering because you never have time to re-charge or to focus on your own needs.
  • You try to fit too much into your week, but none of it is all that fulfilling or meaningful to you… and what is meaningful to you (your relationships and yourself) is put on the back burner until you can “make time for it,” which never happens.
  • You know something has to change, but you have no idea where to start.  So you just put your head down and work harder and faster, but that just leads to a constant cycle of burnout.

If any of these struggles sound familiar to you, the Frazzled to Balanced™ Mastermind may be the perfect solution for you.  I designed this group specifically for busy, ambitious parents who don’t want to give up their career, but also want to be an active part of their family’s life.  If that sounds like you, let’s get on a call to talk about the details of the program and whether it would be a good fit for you.



  • 1 weekly video lesson related to the topic for that week.  Topics include: time management and productivity, relationships, parenting, and self care.  You can watch this video at your convenience early in the week.
  • Exercises and worksheets related to that week’s video lesson to implement what you learned.  All exercises are designed to help you find solutions to your unique situation and are adaptable to your life.
  • 1 virtual group coaching session at the end each week (informal and fun… wine is allowed!) where we’ll go through your exercises and discuss whatever obstacles you’re facing, share resources or tools that can aid in your progress, and brainstorm ideas for change.
  • Unlimited access to me via email, text chat (via Slack) and voice chat (via Voxer) when you need immediate support or quick guidance and don’t want to wait for our weekly session.  My goal is to keep you moving forward!
  • A recording of the group coaching sessions sent to you for ongoing reference.
  • A safe and supportive group where you can share what comes up for you along the way.  You no longer have to hide what you’re truly going through.  All sessions are confidential and designed to provide guidance, feedback, insights and friendship.
  • Periodic supplemental “mini-trainings” on any topic that would benefit group members in real-time.  These trainings will be created as we go through the program together, so they’ll be 100% relatable to what you’re working on.

The Frazzled to Balanced™ Mastermind offers you an opportunity to evaluate all of the pieces of your life within a short period of time so you can finally craft a lifestyle that integrates what matters most to you and that is sustainable over the long term.  

You’ll have access to someone who is knowledgeable about what you’re going through and trained to help you succeed in leaving the burnout behind and creating a more fulfilling life.  

Together we’ll craft a plan and I’ll personally hold you accountable in taking the necessary steps that will lead to lasting changes in your life.



The Frazzled to Balanced™ Mastermind is limited to 5-12 participants for each 6-week group to encourage community while giving you the individualized attention you need.  Mastermind groups are offered several times a year.

The first step in joining the next Frazzled to Balanced™ Mastermind is to get on a FREE CONSULTATION CALL with me so we can determine whether the group would support you in achieving your overall goals.



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Are you tired of living in survival mode?

it's free!
Let's get back to focusing on what really matters.